Cancel Your Appointment

Change or Cancel an Appointment

Please give us as much notice as possible so we can offer your appointment to someone else.

Ways to cancel

  1. Telephone us onĀ 01903 735200
  2. Cancel an appointment online
  3. Cancel through the NHS App

Missed Appointments

The Practice unfortunately experiences a large number of missed appointments each year, approximately 4500. If all of these were 10 minute appointments, this would equate on average to 62.5 hours per week of missed GP and nurses appointments, that could have been used by other patients.

First DNA: You will receive either a text message (if we have your mobile number) or an initial letter to state that you have missed an appointment and the practice will be monitoring any further DNAs.

Second DNA: A letter will be sent to you after you have missed further appointments. This letter will explain the surgery policy and that if you DNA 3 or more appointments you may be deducted from the surgery list.

Final DNA: The matter will be brought to the attention of the Practice Manager and your registered GP to review possible removal from the practice list.

  Missed GP appointments costing NHS millions